Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gift Registries

We have decided to register with Amazon and Lowes for our wedding gift registries. At first, we worried that we weren't being very traditional. Then we thought about it, and decided we didn't care. We aren't 20 year old kids just starting out life. I mean, when Mike sold his house in December and moved in, we had at least two of everything. We sold quite a bit of stuff on Craigslist just to be able to fit everyone (Mike, Pam, Scuro, Ra, and Ru) into one house. So, really most of the things we need are things to fix up the house itself. I know door knobs, sink faucets, landscape lights, etc. seem pretty boring, but we would really be excited to get that sort of stuff! I am admittedly addicted to HGTV, and Mike is working on refacing the kitchen cabinets as I type. :-) So, with that, here are the links to our registries:


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