Wednesday, June 25, 2008

License to Wed

Mike and I went to the Mecklenburg County Courthouse today to apply for our marriage license . . . and they gave it to us! Now we are licensed to wed!! Woo hoo! Evidentally, you have to go to the Register of Deeds to get a marriage license. Mike was concerned that meant I was going to have a deed on him now. Hehehe.

We have quite a few more details to work out before the wedding, but everything is starting to come together. Unfortunately, I think I am starting to come down with a cold. Argh.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hair and Make Up

Originally, I was going to have the bridal party get ready at William Henry Salon in Belmont, NC. However, I did a bridal consultation, and I really did not like the Bare Escentuals make up that they used. I even had to wash it off and redo my own make up before our engagement portraits. Yes, it was that bad.

So after being not-so-impressed, I decided to search out another solution. Since we really love our photographers and Cherie is actually also a model, we asked them for a suggestion. They referred me to Heather Hawkins who is a make-up and hair artist. She mostly does make up and hair for models and commercials, but she takes bridal customers with referrals. She came and did a consultation, and it passed the test! One very cool thing is that she uses airbrush make-up with lasts for 16 hours. We tested it - my make up was done at 10 AM, we took a afternoon nap, and my make up was still good for dinner that evening.

So, Heather is going to do my hair and make up as well as Kim, Michele, and Lisa's. Jill, Mike's cousin, is also a cosmetologist, so she will be helping out and doing hair and make up for my mom, Mike's mom, Rachael, and Emily. So, all in all, it works out for the best!

Here are some pictures from my consultation: