Friday, February 29, 2008

Current Guest List (Updated Weekly)

We are starting to get respond cards back which is very exciting! Here is an up-to-date list of the guests that will be attending the wedding (or at least those who have RSVPed so far).

Oh, by the way . . . if you have received your invitation and are planning to bring a guest, that is perfectly fine. Please just make sure to include the person on the response card so that we know the expect him/her! Thanks!

Pam's Guests

Herb, Esther, and David Ho
Wil, Beverly, Jenny Dang
Steve, Lisa, Rachael, Ryan, and Emily Burroughs
Pedro and Jamie De Jesus (still hoping!)
Melissa Haynes and Guest
Jim Bridges and Guest
Robert, Christina, Diana, and Nicole Dominguez
Dora Ng
Kevin, Melinda, and Kamryn Lee
Tony, Kim, and Max (Peanut) Pauley
Jackie Kerr and Guest
Helen Karr and Dick Watson
Betty Burroughs and Dick Landers
Jennifer Wingfield and Guest
Melanie Halk and Guest
Gary, Kristin, and Katelyn Lee-Hesson
Raymond Lee
Anna Lee
Doug Ng and Theo Posselt
Haya and Mahdi Ajjan
JR and Bonnie Carrel
Dave Price
David Atkins
Matt and Amy Campbell
David Arthur
Liz Wiley and Guest
Su and Yiming Dong
Angela Smith and Guest
Jay Parillo and Guest
Muhammed Blanchett
John Dwiggins and Vicki Mogensen
Phillipa Addison and Guest
Orson and Donna Lucas
Joel Reynolds

Mike's Guests
Cheryl and Dan Kurek
Joe and Julie Wisniewski
Stephan Ortman
Barbara Wisniewski and Donna Thompson
Michele Wisniewski
Barbara Berry
Angie and Jon Anderson
Gabe, Kristin, and Conner Seaman
Maryann Sipkovsky
Dave and Elaine Zimney
Bobby Greene
Anna and Bob Jonatis
Norman and Jennifer Liang
Andy, Vicky, and AJ Wisniewski
Rob and Judy Hinman
Tom, Britney, David Berry
Chuck and Carole Berry
Thomas and Jill Berry
Pete and Pam Schwailler
Terry Hansen
Ryan Hansen and Sarah (Guest)
Joan, Ken, and Kenny Schwailler
Emily Schwailler and Guest
Jill Wisniewski and Guest
Lisa Harmon and Guest
Daniel Sipkovsky and Guest
Joe and Christine Fleury
Joe and Cindy Fleury
Kristine, Scott, Zoe, and Alana Melanson
Scott, Christine, Grace, and Emma Sipkovsky

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